Our story

Food Basics, an Oriental Supermarket located in Queensway, is a diversified Ethnic Food store which focuses on the everyday essential ingredients, necessary to make a good dinner meal.

It emphasises on the importance of improving people’s enthusiasm to cook exotic meals from all over the world. Its convenience location and vast varieties from the Far-East had turned the store into a family supermarket where people love to shop and meet friends and families. Exotic ingredients from the Far East, freshly made Japanese Sushi and Korean Delicacies, highly skilled Korean butcher that cuts and prepares thin sliced meats for hotpot and BBQ, fresh seafoods deliver from Billingsgate Market on a daily basis etc.

Food Basics started its own brand “Donchaka” in 2013, Donchaka is basically derive from three Japanese wordings Donburi (Rice dishes), Cha (Tea) and Ka (Sweet or Desserts). In store, Sushi, Donburi and some Japanese delicacies are freshly made everyday; bubble tea, with its carefully and specially source tea leaves that produces on of the best Bubble Tea in town and using the finest milk powder and tapioca from Taiwan and with the addition of homemade sweets and desserts such as Matcha and Red Bean Swiss Rolls, Japanese Cheese Cakes, Egg Custard Puddings etc.